Results of feeding Borage plants pond water

Following up on an earlier post about gathering pond water for feeding plants.  Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to follow my plan of feeding the plants fresh pond water every night.  Fortunately though I hope the below animated graphic shows the depletion of nutrients at a very high rate (and onset of yellowing leaves).  Borage plants, as far as I can tell, are very nutrient hungry.  These plants, on a daily basis, grow and drop flowers.  They are beautiful, tie dying from blue to pink.  Assuming this generation is costly then we can accept the high nutrition requirements.  Side note: Borage plants act much like Flax in how petals are grown and dropped fairly regularly (i.e., daily).

Unfortunately the pond water, for whatever reason, became clearer and I felt would not imbue the plants with health because the color of the water was lacking (just a tinge of green).  Instead we can see the yellowing of leaves at three stages:

July 12th @ 8:05 PM –


July 13th @ 9:49 AM – 


July 13th @ 7:57 PM –


This is not conclusive whatsoever and why I’ve started a small batch of Borage seeds!  I am curious if in late-July the plants can be started and harvested.

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