Introduction of my purpose with this website

Hello Internet!  My name is Christopher and I’ve put together this site to share my love of gardening and… as soon as I’ve done it once, salve making!  I have many years growing vegetables and now I’m trying flowers and eventually salve-making 🙂

I really appreciate salve for its healing qualities.  I get frequent cuts and scrapes and the salve hastens the healing process.  I appreciate salve more so than traditional commercial products because I have the confidence that what I’m putting on my body is natural.  I appreciate salve so much that I’m going to make my own !  With my knack for gardening, I believe salve-making will come naturally and the product I have to offer will show the love I’ve put into it.

So stay tuned as I begin to share my progress!  And do plan on coming back next year when I have salve for sale!

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  1. http://Deborah says: -#1

    I look forward to your ambitions. Continued good success in your adventures in Nature.

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