Borage and Calendula drying in the window sill

It’s July and I’ve only filled a couple Mason jars with petals.  But that’s OK, this is my first year growing the flowers and next year, I’ll have mature Calendula providing much more petals than this year.  I don’t know what to expect with the Borage overwintering here in the the Portland area (Oregon).  By the looks of it, I feel like the Borage is going to wither as we transition to Fall.

Still though I love the process of gathering petals.  I start at one end of the garden and shimmy to the other side, plucking petals as I go.  The petals tumble beautifully into a glass cup as a flowery massAnd my hands are left humming with the smell of fragrance.  Ahh!

Here’s essentially a single sweep of the garden, plucking as I shimmy:


Borage at top, calendula at bottom


Same photo, just closer to the calendula

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