Alaskan Lupine growing in Oregon

The Alaskan Lupine is here to stay!  I purchased the Lupine seeds back in July 2017 from a grower near the mountain of Denali.  The plants floundered for the better part of the year and finally around June 2018 they put on vertical growth.

I plan on harvesting the seeds to foster genetics that are more conducive to the climate in Oregon.  I really like unusual species and this Lupine in a sense is unusual in that it’s growing in a non-native climate.  I recognize that Oregon has similar weathering to Alaska.  But I must express that the Lupine was the only Alaskan seed that matured.  I tried many varieties and next closest to maturing was Sitka Rose however it never grew beyond a few inches.

Thank you Lupine for challenging yourself to grow!




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