Grading Sugar Snap Peas from Primo to Awful

I’ve found quite a bit of variation in the quality of seeds harvested from this last grow of Sugar Snap Peas.  Smooth, round and consistent color VS wrinkles, pockmarks and discoloration.  My prize seeds have an appearance of the seed in the upper left (labeled “A”).  And my scale, for this harvesting, goes from Grade […]

Salve making begins

The Borage and Calendula petals are soaking in Olive oil.  They get shuck once a day for about a minute. The oils between the two are definitely a different color.  Far darker on left and brighter on right. Plan is to soak these for about a month, drain and then add the oil to the […]

Alaskan Lupine growing in Oregon

The Alaskan Lupine is here to stay!  I purchased the Lupine seeds back in July 2017 from a grower near the mountain of Denali.  The plants floundered for the better part of the year and finally around June 2018 they put on vertical growth. I plan on harvesting the seeds to foster genetics that are […]