Results of feeding Borage plants pond water

Following up on an earlier post about gathering pond water for feeding plants.  Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to follow my plan of feeding the plants fresh pond water every night.  Fortunately though I hope the below animated graphic shows the depletion of nutrients at a very high rate (and onset of yellowing leaves).  Borage plants, […]

We have Bee residents!

We now have resident bees since making the Bee Condo!  I am suspecting multiple holes have wasps and a smaller bee (hopefully a Metallic Green Bee).  Here’s some images of the occupied cells: And a lovely image of a Metallic Green Bee:

Solar dehydrating Borage plants

I’ve been thinking about how to dehydrate the Borage plants for eventual salve making.  I wanted to be as environmentally conscious and use our Sun for the dehydrating.  This made me reflect on a design for a Solar Dehydrator in a book called Solar Gardening by Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson.  There are many […]

It Will Not Resin (Just Yet)

Following up on a previous post about submerging flowers in resin and below is my experience.  I’m using Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin and appearing that the warming process is causing the discoloration.  I found this article titled Pressed Flower Resin Tray Makes A Beautiful and Unique Gift by Patti Estep.  In here we see the flowers are […]

Benefits of worm castings

Following up on a previous post where I was adding worm castings to the top of the Borage plants.  Now I am immediately seeing a couple benefits using the worm castings: 1) Water retention and 2) Uniform surface absorption.  What I mean by second is that the uniform sized castings cause the water to drain […]

Beautiful red fruit

The second year plants are producing! And the runners have been cloned.  I follow the following method mostly.  Instead I don’t bother with the stakes and tamp down the plants with more dirt. The above plants look a little weak though in my opinion.  I’ve started watching  CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY and her work because of […]