Making the Seed Bomb Machine

I need to do something beneficial with all the seeds I gather during the growing season in preparation of making salve.  I’ve taken to the idea of making Seed Bombs and Grow The Rainbow is inspiring with their “Seedles” (aka Seed Bombs).  I need to take out the tedium of making them with some sort […]

TEMP station is DOWN

But that’s OK because Ptarmigan Seed is moving location!  The technical difficulties posed by WiFi will probably not exist at the new location and why I’m not making this solution work.  However it does work given adequate network coverage.  What we have is an Arduino Uno microcontroller leashed to a vintage Dell Laptop.  Finally three […]

Grading Sugar Snap Peas from Primo to Awful

I’ve found quite a bit of variation in the quality of seeds harvested from this last grow of Sugar Snap Peas.  Smooth, round and consistent color VS wrinkles, pockmarks and discoloration.  My prize seeds have an appearance of the seed in the upper left (labeled “A”).  And my scale, for this harvesting, goes from Grade […]